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26 July 2013
А selection of bright events

Hibla Gerzmava presents a selection of bright events at her Hibla Gerzmava Invites… annual music festival that will take place in Abkhazia for the 12th year. On Tuesday, July 30 the central square of Sukhum will see a performance by the Phonograph Jazz Band Orchestra and Sergei Zhilin who will present the program In the Name of Love dedicated to the group Earth, Wind and Fire. Multi-instrumentalists Denis and Timur Khagba will be special guests of this event. And of course, Hibla will also present a few things to surprise admirers of her talent! This event would have not been possible without the support of Hibla’s close friend Nikolai Achba. Friday, August 2 will see an unusual event: presentation of the new collection DIVA made by the young designer Rusudan Kobyakova and dedicated to Hibla. This will be complemented by a special exhibition of works by Ibragim Chkadua, a famous Abkhazian photographer. Local presenters of this event have promised to make a real feast at the Sukhum club Dam. There will be a pair of concerts starring Hibla — one on Monday, August 5 and at the House of Culture in Ochamira and the other one on Wednesday, August 7 at Abkhazia R. Gumba State Philharmonic Hall in Sukhum. Hibla will present young musicians who she supports for a number of years, as part of the New Abkhazian Names project — Kristina Eshba, Aldona Tskua, Nana Cherkezia, Said Gochebia and Alkhas Ferzba will perform alongside pianists Astanda Bagatelia, Sofia Narmania and Diana Bagdasaryan.